Press Release

David Kordansky Gallery is pleased to present One-on-One: Adam Pendleton, Untitled (WE ARE NOT), the gallery's first in a series of Online Viewing Room exhibitions dedicated to a single artwork. The presentation is now open online and will be on view through Tuesday, April 14, at 8:00 am Pacific Time. 

To access One-on-One: Adam Pendleton, Untitled (WE ARE NOT), please click here.

Who or what is an individual? Who or what makes up a collective? Such are the questions raised by Adam Pendleton in Untitled (WE ARE NOT), one of the first major paintings in a new series of works grouped under this title. This series will feature prominently in the significant installation the artist is preparing for a forthcoming solo exhibition in the atrium of The Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Untitled (WE ARE NOT) occupies a place where private, self-directed introspection meets public declamation. Pendleton transforms a singular group of words into a collective of signifiers, many of which are impossible to pin down completely. The hot, graphic, emotional valence of the painting’s overall energy is undercut by the cool, minimalist, conceptually oriented path by which the artist arrives at the finished composition. Pendleton’s work proceeds from one chapter to the next not only by addition or elaboration, but also by negation and obliteration. As his project continues to take shape, it resists the viewer’s impulse to close a circuit of meaning within any single artwork. Instead, each painting, each installation, each video opens possibilities of meaning that derive their impact when perceived as parts of a raucous, yet elegantly constructed whole. He captures the productive cacophony of contemporary diversity in terms of race, ideology, philosophy, and aesthetics in the ongoing, immersive archive that is his total, always unfinished, always arresting work.